Elite E28DSP

An affordable and powerful audio processor for those who want to fine-tune the sound of their car audio system, especially in larger setups!



An affordable and powerful audio processor for those who want to fine-tune the sound of their car audio system, especially in larger setups! This DSP is packed with smart features that make it easy to configure and customize the sound to your liking. On the back of the E28DSP, you’ll find 8 RCA outputs that are individually programmable. The settings are made entirely with the knob on the top of the unit and the screen – no app or software is needed! With the E28DSP, you get an incredibly flexible audio processor that gives you complete control over the sound in your car system.


With 8 RCA outputs that are fully programmable, the E28DSP offers almost infinite connection possibilities. You can choose to run the outputs however you want, as sub-only, mid-bass, tweeter, full-range, or as a 4-way system with sub, mid-bass, midrange, and tweeter. Or why not run an active 2-way system in the front of the car, full-range speakers in the rear doors, and a subwoofer enclosure? Only your imagination sets the limits on how you can adjust your sound!


The settings are easily made with the built-in LCD screen and the Main Control knob. No computer or app is needed to make settings. You don’t have to deal with driver installations and sit with a laptop in the car – just turn and press Main Control to select and confirm your choices.


The E28DSP also has a built-in Bluetooth receiver, making it easy to connect your phone – without having to have the device connected to a car stereo. In addition, there are 2 RCA inputs, so another source or car stereo can be connected.


With selectable high-pass and low-pass filters (Butterworth or Linkwitz-Riley 12/18/24/36/48 dB per octave) and a graphic EQ with 15 bands per channel with frequencies from 25 to 16,000 Hz (+/- 12dB), you have complete control over the sound. In addition, there are 12 EQ presets for different sound styles and a parametric EQ that allows you to adjust one EQ band per output (+/- 12dB) with Q-value adjustable from 0.4 to 10.


With phase control on all outputs (0 or 180 degrees), time alignment 0-8 ms, and three sequential remote outputs that can be programmed for different start times of the power amps, you have complete control over how the sound in the car sounds. In addition, there are 4 memory locations to save different settings.


Bass Habit E28DSP is primarily a DSP for those who want to build a massive system with many power amps driving mid-bass drivers, tweeters, hat shelf speakers, and a subwoofer box in the trunk. It is, of course, possible to complement with a high-to-low-level converter to use the E28DSP in a discreet sound system with the car’s original speakers.

Additional information




Eight out (RCA), Two in (RCA)

Dimensions (WxHxD)

200 x 37 x 101

Product manual for Elite E28DSP


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