Play 112A

Robust, affordable, and well-performing active subwoofer!



The Play 112A is an awesome addition for those seeking an excellent subwoofer in their car! The amplifier is built-in, making it a perfect choice for those who want an easy installation with less wiring. The subwoofer looks extremely cool with a nicely designed slot port to the left of the subwoofer, highlighted by the red Bass Habit color.


This 12-inch pre-loaded active subwoofer performs incredibly well for its price! Like its sibling, the Play 212, we’ve created a subwoofer that looks really cool. The strong red color and the stylish slot simply oozes coolness! It sounds great too, with the rigid and high-quality paper cone playing far beyond expectations – especially considering the fantastic price. The price also makes it a great choice for a budget-friendly build.


Tune it the way you want! On the back of the Play P112A you’ll find a bass boost and a variable crossover (at 12 dB) that starts at 40 Hz and goes all the way up to 120 Hz. You can also connect the subwoofer via low-level signal (RCA) from a car stereo or via high-level (speaker wires) input. If you connect via high-level, Play 112A will automatically turn on when it detects that music is playing!

Additional information






12 inch

Power RMS


Power MAX


Freq. response

20Hz – 200Hz

Dimensions (WxHxD)

550x370x370 mm

Product Manual P112A


Product manual for Play P112A

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