Play 2 P2212

Durable subwoofer enclosure that shows where it belongs in its price range!



Introducing the Bass Habit Play 2 P2212, the big brother to the best-selling P212! This bad boy features the heavy-duty P2300 elements from the Play 2 series that delivers amazing bass no matter what type of music you’re into. It’s a game-changer in its price range and will blow your mind with its pure and unadulterated bass joy!


While the subwoofers themselves are important in an enclosure, the box itself is just as crucial to the experience. The right enclosure provides the best possible conditions for your bass to thrive in, and with the P2212 we’ve created a complete product where both parts works together, in tandem, to deliver awesome bass.


Oh, and let’s talk about durability – this thing can take a beating! It’s built to withstand anything to with its 30mm thick MDF. So you can play as loud as you want! The design is Bass Habit at its best, with a bold and edgy design. The slick slot ports marked with the iconic red Bass Habit color. Get ready to experience bass like never before!

Additional information






2×12 inch

Nominal impedance

2×2 Ohm

Power RMS


Power MAX


Dimensions (WxHxD)

955x386x410/330 mm


39 kg

Product manual P2212


Product manual for Play P2112 & P2212

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