Play PL212

The PL212 is an evolution of the P212, Bass Habit’s best-selling enclosure



Bass Habit Play PL212 is the enclosure for those who want to get a lot of bass without sacrificing their entire paycheck. The PL212 delivers plenty of bass. The enclosure is ported, with the bass reflex port located on one of the short sides. By placing the port on the side of the bass instead of in the middle, we managed to shrink the enclosure to fit in smaller spaces!


The perfect all-around subwoofer
You might recognize the Play P212. The PL212 is an evolution of the P212, Bass Habit’s best-selling enclosure. Here you’ll find a bass reflex port on the short side of the enclosure, providing a tuning of 42 Hz. This offers a delightful combination of deep bass and higher tones in the bass range. In other words, it suits almost all types of music!


1 or 4 Ohms?
Inside the enclosure, you’ll find two 2 Ohm drivers. On the side of the enclosure, there is a terminal where you can connect them in three different ways:
• parallel wiring for 1 Ohm
• 2+2 Ohm straight into the amplifier
• or series wiring for 4 Ohms.
This allows you to choose how you want to connect them, depending on your amplifier. If you want to get the most out of a monoblock amplifier, go for 1 Ohm! Or if you’re using a slightly more powerful 2-channel amplifier that you’ve bridged, it’s wise to connect it to 4 Ohms.

Additional information






2×12 inch

Nominal impedance

1 Ohm, 2×2 Ohm, 4 Ohm

Power RMS


Power MAX


Dimensions (WxHxD)

715×380/365x320x300 mm


18.5 kg

Product manual PL212


Product manual for Play PL212

Data sheet PL212


Data sheet for Play PL212

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