Play Power 65.4 (gen. 2)

An awesome four-channel amplifier.



Bass Habit Play Power 65.4 G2 G2 is a 4-channel amplifier from the second generation of compact and highly affordable amplifiers from the Play Power series! We’re talking about a lot of power for every dollar. Generation 2 features a new design with a thicker chassis that more efficiently dissipates heat. Play Power 65.4 can be used most speakers without any major problems, whether it’s a drivers, tweeters – or why not a smaller sub? It’s a must-have for the smaller to medium-sized audio build!


The amplifier har been equipped with variable crossover filters, which means you can set both a bottom or a top on the frequency curve, or in other words, a high-pass filter and a low-pass filter. This makes Play Power 65.4 a versatile amplifier that can be used without any problems to drive a pair of speakers in both front and rear doors, but can also be used for a slightly more ambitious audio builds where active crossover for subwoofer, speakers, or tweeters may be needed.

Additional information







Freq. response

20Hz – 20kHz

Power RMS (2 Ohm)


Power RMS (4 Ohm)


Bridged Power RMS (4 Ohm)


Low pass filter

50Hz – 250Hz

Dimensions (WxHxD)

328x48x220 mm

Product Manual PP65.4 G2


Product manual for Play PP55.4 G2 & PP65.4 G2

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