Play SP200M

8-inch midbass with lots of attitude!



A bold speaker with a big sound! This 8″ midbass driver are capable of producing impressive amounts of sound and the affordable price will want you to fill your car with them. The SP200M is the big brother of the success story that is the SP165M. It shares the same sound character. A larger cone area means better low-end response, so if a pair of 6.5″ midbass drivers are not enough, this tough 8″ driver is a welcome addition to your SPL build!


For a bold SPL build, it is important to match your midbass driver with a suitable tweeter! The Play SP25A or SP35H is the perfect companion to this 8″ midbass. The low-end response is slightly better than the SP165M, and the sensitivity is slightly higher, making it easier to get the most out of SP200M with the right amplifier. Check out the Play Power series or (if you plan to run multiple midbass drivers) SPL Elite amplifiers that play really well together!

Additional information




Midrange Speaker


8 inch

Nominal impedance

4 Ohm

Power RMS


Power MAX


Freq. response

85Hz – 8kHz


96 dB

Mounting depth

78.5 mm

Mounting diameter

184 mm



Product Manual SP200M


Product manual for SP165M, SP200M & SP250M

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