Rebel RA800W

Shake your bones, not your wallet! Compact 4-channel amplifier with an extreme price/performance-ratio.



RA800W is a 4-channel amplifier that offers all the flexibility you need. Power your front and rear systems, a subwoofer, or multiple mid-bass speakers. With 4x100W at 2 Ohms, this amplifier delivers powerful and clean sound. We absolutely love “max power per buck” game, and this amplifier is no exception.


The RA800W is ideal for both small and large setups. Its power is more than enough for a robust front stage, a smaller subwoofer or even an SPL-setup? We’ve engineered this amp with Class-AB technology, guaranteeing outstanding sound quality in this price range!


This 4-channel amplifier features variable crossover filters, including a subsonic filter (32-2000 Hz) and a low-pass filter (50-250 Hz). These filters provide precise control over the frequency range, protecting your speakers and extending their lifespan.


Despite delivering 4x100W RMS, the RA800W consumes minimal space in your car. Its compact design gives you more room for other essentials and makes it easier to keep your installation neat and organized. Perfect for audio setups where every inch counts.

Additional information







Freq. response

15Hz – 20kHz

Power RMS (2 Ohm)


Power RMS (4 Ohm)


Low pass filter

50Hz – 250Hz

High pass filter

32Hz – 2kHz

Bass boost

0/6/12 dB

Dimensions (WxHxD)

288x56x177 mm

Datasheet RA800W


Product manual RA800W


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