SPL ELITE 8000.1D1

Bass Habit’s powerhouse amp is a thunderous force, delivering raw power in one epic punch!



The most powerful thing we’ve ever created. This amplifier is seriously potent, capable of driving almost anything on the market. The SPL ELITE 8000.1D1 handles frequencies up to 10,000 Hz, allowing you to connect subwoofers or mid-bass drivers to the amplifier!


If you’ve built a crazy audio setup and want to be the loudest at car meets, the possibilities are nearly endless. To tailor your subs or speakers exactly how you want, the SPL ELITE 8000.1D1 features both high and low-pass filters, letting you split frequencies wherever you desire!


With 8000W at 1 Ohm, the power is truly insane. Such extreme power demands advanced cooling. In this amplifier, Bass Habit has implemented something called the Smart Thermal Management System (STMS), keeping an eye on temperature and controlling the fan, as well as airflow in the unit.


An advanced 4-way protection system is also inside the amplifier, monitoring temperature, DC offset, power short circuits, and speaker cables. The clip function with LED lights in both the unit and on the bass remote indicates when there’s distortion in the signal.


This is a powerful amp with a very efficient design. It puts high demands on your car’s electrical system. It’s important to ensure good health for both the alternator and the battery. We also recommend investing in at least five good extra batteries!

Additional information







Freq. response

15Hz – 10kHz

Power RMS (1 Ohm)


Power RMS (2 Ohm)


Power RMS (4 Ohm)


Low pass filter

15Hz – 1KHz

Dimensions (WxHxD)


Product Manual S8000.1DF


Product manual for SPL Elite SE8000.1D1

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